A Year of Memorable Moments

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Happy New Year! This is the time when we reflect on the year passed and draw from it the lessons, experiences and happy memories that will make 2019 even better! Here are some of our team’s most memorable moments (and a few bloopers) from 2018…

  • At the start of the year we were paged to assist with a Mutual Aid call, which was the major vehicle incident on the Coquihalla Highway. It was an intense situation to be a part of.
  • Everything about the Swiftwater Symposium was great this year! Members from a number of regional teams participated, it was a terrific opportunity to work together and collaborate and it was also a lot of fun too.
  • It’s amazing to see how much the river changes from year to year. Allison Pool is a good example of where to see this.
  • We normally refer to each other by our call signs or names on tasks, but on one particular task a member’s nickname was used instead. It was pretty funny hearing ‘Stick’ throughout the conversations.
  • It was really cool getting to see an HEC (Human External Cargo) mission from start to finish from one location, getting to watch every stage from a distance.
  • Rescuing Max (the dog) on Crimson Ridge!
  • Heading to a Mutual Aid task (in our truck), it was amusing watching a team member trying to radio other members using the loud hailer. They caught on soon enough.
  • Our last Winter Party was memorable because it’s nice when we get together as a group in a social setting too, not just on tasks and training. On that note, coming together as a team for the recent blood drive (in support of one of our members) was a unique experience too.
  • We had so many people apply to be a part of the team this year, and it’s been really good getting to know the MITs.
  • Watching a team member get our vehicle into a precarious position that ultimately required winching to get out. We’re not perfect!
  • Purchasing the Zoll Autopulse unit… Can’t wait to start training on it!
  • It was neat watching team member Dave C. receive the Matthew Hutchinson Memorial Award in October.
  • Hanging 200’ below a helicopter for the first time. That was memorable!
  • Being on Yak Peak on an exposed ledge during a call… it was very interesting terrain.
  • I am continually impressed by every member (and MIT) on this team who pitches in to get things done and move the team forward. Some of these ‘jobs’ have a massive time commitment such as developing our strategic plan or stepping in to fill a vacant position on the executive. Other ‘jobs’ have a minimal time commitment such as dropping off a jet boat for maintenance or purchasing supplies. None of us joined Chilliwack SAR to do these kinds of things, yet this small sampling reflects some of the vital, behind-the-scenes ‘jobs’ that have to be done all year long. To our team members and MITs I say, “Thank you for your service!”

Happy New Year everyone, and here’s to a safe, happy, healthy 2019, loaded with new adventures (just remember to complete a Trip Plan first :)!

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