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Dusting off the pack for another season of outdoor activity? Determined to get into the great outdoors this year but not sure what to bring along? While there is no right or wrong answer as to what one should carry in their backpack, we’ve compiled a list of suggested items that should help make your day-trip adventures a little more safe and comfortable.

  • Water: A rule of thumb is to allow about 500mL per hour of activity (but of course this depends on personal needs, temperature/climate considerations etc.). As heavy as it is, don’t skimp on water.
  • Snacks: Select good, high-protein/high-energy items that will travel well. Empty calories don’t help much, so pack things with the mindset of ‘food as fuel’ (reward items come at the end!).
  • Layers: Weather can change in an instant, temperatures decrease the higher you climb and you’re probably going to be sweating. Proper technical clothing is ideal (cotton is not) and be sure to bring a waterproof layer. Remember, hypothermia can happen any time of year.
  • GPS and spare batteries: Map and compass are even better, but you do need to know how to use them first. Check out our blog from last August for tips.
  • Headlamp or flashlight (and spare batteries): Even if you’re ‘just going out for a quick hike’, sometimes things happen. A proper light source will prove beneficial and reassuring if this is ever the case.
  • Multi-use tool: You may not find yourself in a DIY situation, but for the little bit of extra weight, it’s helpful to have along.
  • Small First Aid Kit and Emergency Gear: A few essentials to help mend a blister or skinned knee will be much appreciated if you need them. It’s also worth including a small, light-weight emergency blanket/bivy sack and whistle in your kit too.
  • Seasonal relevant items: Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, gloves etc.
  • Cell phone with fully charged battery: There is no guarantee you’ll have service where you’re going but if you do, it’s definitely more helpful with you than if you left it in the car.

Our final addition to the list? Complete a trip plan (available on our website here) and provide it to your emergency contact before you head out the door.

Wishing everyone safe adventures this season!

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