Late summer and fall are great times to observe celestial activity, especially now that the smoke has cleared, and the further you get from city lights the better the view you’ll have. For the adventurous stargazer, hiking to a mountain peak is a great way to see the constellations, shooting stars and more but, in addition to standard outdoor safety precautions, there are a few things to consider before you grab your telescope and head out…

Though the Perseid Showers is now finished, there are still a few events coming up. According to a National Geographic website, Jupiter and Venus will be exceptionally close together on November 13th and the best time to see them will be just before dawn. December 13/14th is predicted to have the best display of the Geminid Meteors, and again, pre-dawn will be the best time to see them. Want to check out the International Space Station? Visit NASA’s webpage to see when it’s coming your way! Chilliwack area residents can view the ISS at these times in early September.

A special thanks to two CSAR members: Dan for his suggestions above, and Utah (@utah.jack) for sharing his incredible photo, taken on a task on Mt. Rexford in 2016.



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